The Potting Shed

Garden shop and nursery
in Shaftesbury, Dorset

About This


A hidden gem in Shaftesbury’s Swans Yard, The Potting Shed sells garden plants, sundries and garden themed gifts from the heart of the historic hilltop market down of Shaftesbury. When entering from the yard you come into the gifts and garden accessories shop that allows you to step out into their stunning walled garden with seasonal plants.

About This


Working with Nick on the Potting Shed website has been a real pleasure for us, including getting to do two separate photography days in the stunning walled garden to help build stock images for the website. The website is designed to be as visual as possible and features a single page layout with full-screen elements designed to mirror the feel of a print brochure.

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Web Design & Development

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We have twice had the pleasure of photographing at The Potting Shed, their oasis of plants gives a real life secret garden experience.