Shaftesbury Wines

Quality wine merchant
in the market town
of Shaftesbury

About This


Step into Shaftesbury Wines and not only can you buy a great quality bottle of wine, but also you’ll have access to David Perry’s extensive knowledge of all things wine, and almost the same in beer, gins and cigars!


The shop stocks a wide range of wine, from sparkling to fine, red to organic and holds a collection of craft beers, unusual vodkas and gin you may never have thought existed (and they do!). David and Alice (his daughter – a fountain of knowledge when it comes to spirits!) offer a bespoke customer service to all who come through the door.

About This


Ixel Creative is lucky enough to have worked with Shaftesbury Wines for several years now and their site remains a testament to our monthly service allowing for both minor and major upgrades to their site as times & technologies change. The current site is the third iteration we have produced and features an extensive searchable product database along with the addition of responsive design.

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