Go De Jong

Music industry & Emmy nominated
graphic artist & designer

About This


Go De Jong is the London based design studio of phenomenal graphic designer Matt De Jong. Matt has worked as an art director, branding & digital designer and typographer for some of the most well known acts in UK & American music including Frank Turner, The Maccabees, Ed Sheeran & Paolo Nutini. His work is responsible for everything from album cover art to billboards and tour posters. For fans of music and graphic design alike his website is well worth checkout out for his inspirational portfolio of work.

About This


As Matt was a designer himself we worked off his layouts for the site rather than produce our own, making the project an absolute pleasure to work on. He was very keen on having a non-traditional horizontal layout and to keep the site as basic and clean as possible. But that was unsurprising given how much the photos of his work would impress people, our job was to keep the work at the forefront and ensure the technical side supported his amazing portfolio.

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