Brooding On Film

Personal Blog of Angela Hughes,
film maker & photographer
in Southern England

About This


Brooding on Film is run by Angela Hughes, a mother of two, amateur photographer and a film and television professional with a zest for life. She writes about television, cinema and her family. With an interest in media starting from a young age, she began blogging in late 2016 after finding she enjoyed writing reviews of local businesses and sharing her own adventures.


Always quick-witted, warm and relatable in her writing, she hopes to use Brooding On Film as a base for her own thoughts and give people an insight to her interest in photography/cinematography. Angela is currently in the midst of applying for an MA in film production, and hopes Brooding On Film will allow her freedom to express her ideas to an audience.

About This


Angela’s requested we produce a design that was evocative of film noir without being overly dark and Gothic. Hopefully we found a happy medium that would be in keeping with the cinematography theme yet still allow her colourful photos of family life & her work to shine.


The site also had to use embedded videos to allow her portfolio to be shown, this required use of both on-site videos and external providers such as YouTube & Vimeo.

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Web Design & Development
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Project Details:

Video Production

Ixel Media provides all the editing services & post-production work for the videos on Angela’s site and stands as a great example of how a film portfolio can be displayed online.